Lincoln's great spirit

There's a place in Washington where we can see a moving display of genuine presidential piety: the National Cathedral. If you visit the cathedral you will find a statue of Abraham Lincoln poised on his knees.
Many Americans don't realize that Lincoln actually instituted many forms of public recognition of God that we take for granted today. During his presidency, he declared more days of prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving than any president before or since. And, few realize that our traditional Thanksgiving celebration became a national holiday only after Lincoln's proclamation in 1863.

Yet, despite this pious pedigree, Lincoln was not actually committed to orthodox Christianity until close to the end of his life. As a young man, Lincoln openly questioned the truth of Scripture.
Then, in 1862, Lincoln's life took a dramatic turn. The war was not going well for the Union, and Lincoln was being savaged in both the Yankee and Confederate press. Personal tragedy struck as well, when his beloved son Willie died suddenly. Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd, turned to spiritism and seances - but her husband instead sought his solace in the Bible. Confronted with the loss of little Willie and yet another devastating Union defeat at the second Battle of Manassas, a humbled Lincoln finally embraced Christ.
"My own wisdom seemed insufficient," he wrote to a friend. I was "driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I have nowhere else to go."

Lincoln then became a regular church attendee. He became so impressed with the importance of worship that he even refused to permit some churches to be converted into badly needed hospitals. Facing disunion and slavery, Lincoln saw no easy answers. He became convinced that blame for the war lay on both sides. Faced with the realities of the miserable conflict, he resigned himself to God's providence.

It was the horrors of war that forced him to seek refuge in God; in Him he found true peace. Lincoln's words speak for themselves. He told a friend, "When everyone seemed panic-stricken, I got down on my knees before Almighty God and prayed. Soon a sweet comfort crept into my soul."

Today many parents are looking desperately for examples of moral leadership - for people they can hold up as examples for their children to imitate. We need to teach our kids to look beyond the outward signs of piety and look for authentic signs of a Christian commitment.

One great example comes from one of our greatest presidents - the man who was converted to Christ in office - and sought answers to the most pressing dilemma of the day on his knees.
By Charles Colson


Well, this is not far different from what I have learn with my lecturer--Mr. Sam. Children or students can learn from their model. Like an example in this story, many parents try to look for a good model for their children.Personally, I have been imitating many of my effective models. But I am sure that my models are all men.

I think this article is talking about the good side of Christian religion and the president who used the religion as a model to influent their people to be more use full and wise! As we can see every religion have their own good side, the most important is the believer who use it. When they use it in the wrong way, it's become indestructible weapon again human society such as Al-Kai-Da whom use the Muslim religion to motivated the believe to be sacrifice and killed the other human races...

Oh....He is a great man I knew. But it is surprise to known that he is also A Great Man Of Christ. According to the text, he declared more days of prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving for Christ than any president. He made Christ goes forward.

Ok, different area different culture. But the people are good by your sefl for the new generation that show how good you are.

This story slown about Abraham Lincoln'great spirit, he is recognized as the greatest among the great presidents of all time,he became a role model for the future of America. he taught more about quotes such as "character is like a tree and reputation like shadow. The shadow is what we think of it, the tree is the real thing.Don't worry when you are not recognized,but strive to be worthy of recognition. Always bear in mind that your won resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.Destroy my enemies when i make them my friends. Avoid popularity if you would have peace.I walk slowly , but i never walk backward.i will prepare and someday my chance will come.If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do give him a chance.You When i do good, i feel good. When i do bad, i feel bad. That's my religion. You can not build character and courage by baking away a man's initiative and independence. That some achieve great success, is proof to all that can achieve it as well " If all of us follow by Abraham Lincoln's great quotes, we will be success in the future time.

that is a great story should be take into account. It is better to have a model like Lincoln. He has high spirit, high commitment, and strong endurance. He could face with dilemmas without any fearlessness. He is a great model for me. For my suggestion I would like to say that it is good to take what he had done and put it into action.

For my idea i think that this topic is a good one that want to showed god's advise and teach the children in order to follow up from the god's word and Mr Lincoln also teach his kids to look beyond the outward sign of piety and look authentic signs of christian comment.

This story slow about Abraham Lincoln'great spirit,he is greade pricedent in US and work more for his nation. He also advice to people to the god'word that relate to christian comment.

it is a good topic that want to showed god's advise and teach the children in order to follow up from the god's word and Mr Lincoln also teach his kids to look beyond the outward sign of piety and look authentic signs of christian comment.

After I read this text that talk about Lincoln life I that God is so good him.He is a good leader that belief in Christ. We can learn from him to have faithfulness and peace in our life.

He is the famouse person in the world. He has his own belief and other poeple also have their own belief. For me, belief for pshychological.However, to reach our goal is own ourselves that can make it.

I think this article make us to know a great president is Lincoln, he is a man who had declared more days of prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving than any president before or since. And he also helped many Christians.

These Stories give meaning to many people. They give hope. they Give motivation, a driving force in whatever we do.

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